About us

Ferrand Human Resources (FHR) is one among the group of companies of Servtec International, in which holding office is based in Europe (France). Since 2002, Servtec International Group is active in Europe, Middle East, Central and West Africa and is further seeking opportunities in other countries around the globe. Servtec, thru FHR is now doing partnership activities for employment/immigration in Canada.


What is Servtec?


Servtec is a service and solutions global company overseen by an international management team – since 2002. Servtec works primarily with various oil and gas companies as well as with mining groups and enterprises carrying out major projects in developing countries.  Servtec Group operates from its holding office in Europe (France), and is racing on top being the fastest growing services and solutions company in the emerging countries within the the Gulf of Guinea, Central Africa and West Africa. Servtec’s recent upshot project is the establishment of branches with the Middle East – Asia regions.  FHR, located in Doha, Qatar is Servtec’s first branch in Middle East.

Servtec  International Certificates: